About The Project

We Are One is a series of hand-drawn NFTs celebrating black lives on the Cardano blockchain. 
One image is all that I needed to start this illustration series. And, one race is what also ties it all together.

Many black people have come together over the years, not as a means to stand and celebrate each other. But instead, this unity has been a way to fight against the corrupt systems that keep trying to break this one race. The headlines have dictated how we come together to stand as one, United with one voice.

However, this is what this project seeks to do. Unite this race through celebration—celebrating numerous black people worldwide, from superstars to friends. Celebrating their careers, their achievements, and even just their presence on this earth, dead or alive. This project is a way to unite many without waiting for racial injustice and death to call our attention to bind us together. It's a way to show us what it means to be. It's a reminder for people to know We Are One.


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